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  • Algebra 2 is a course designed to prepare students for success in college and on college entrance exams (ACT/SAT).  Topics covered include a brief review of Algebra 1, linear equations and inequalities, linear systems and their applications, polynomials, radical expressions and equations, a strong emphasis on quadriatic functions, rational expressions and equations, and an introduction to exponential and logarithmic functions.

  • AP Calculus is an excellent way to prepare for complete success in college Calculus.  After a thorough review of functions, we will cover the BIG THREE:  Limits, Derivitaves, and Integrals!!!

  • Athletic Injury is an introductory course to help you gain some basic skills in sports medicine.  We will cover prevention of injury, emergency procedures, basic taping & first aid, and rehabilitation. There is a $25 fee associated to this class. 

  • Health is a sophomore level class that teaches about all areas of health.  You will gain knowledge about physical health such as wellness, diseases, and the environment; mental-emotional health such as self-esteem and illnesses; and social health such as family, friends and communication. You will have the opportunity to self-reflect in this class, hopefully gaining an appreciation for the health you have and a respect for the challenges people face.


  • Math 143 and Math 144 are PreCalculus courses to get students ready for AP Calculus.  Math 143 will make us function experts!  The types of functions we will study include linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions, and their applications. 

  • Math 143 and Math 144 are PreCalculus courses to get students ready for AP Calculus.  Math 144 will make us Trigonometry experts!  This includes Soh-Cah-Toa(!), Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, triangle applications, trigonometric functions (graphing and solving!) and identities!

  • This class is designed to introduce you to a variety of outdoor pursuits and activities.  A major point of empahsis is the safe and appropriate usage of our local resources.  We will cover survival, fire building, planning, adequate dress, outdoor cooking, along with various activities.  This is a fun, engaging class that will definately get you outside!


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